Impossibly Inadequate

Fun fact: I just spent about two hours doing calc and now I get to write a paper for English that’s due tomorrow. Sweet.

I have so much homework but I’m seriously just going to bed. I really need to get a handle on this whole depression thing…

AKW - my lips are salty
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my lips are salty - AKW from kid shit


a song i wrote when i was fifteen

it’s cute.

"you never deserved me,

you never deserved me.

it never felt just right

as you towered above me,

told me i’m lovely

and then stabbed me with your knives

because now i’m all bloody

and my lips are real salty

damnit, i was going to go out

with some friends

to some cool fucking party

where i could fake life

without you”

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i was happier with you - flatsound


flatsound | i was happier with you
i used to go to sleep before the sun came up
but lately i’ve been thinking about us
and it’s just hard, it’s just hard, it’s just been difficult
to be out on your own with no goals laid out in front of you
something tells me that i was happier when you
told me what to do

i used to take the bus to go anywhere
now i can’t think of anywhere to go
we would sit at your house and talk about the future
only two years to go and we’d know what to do
with our lives if we stuck to the paths that we choose
with each other in mind, stick it out until the end
now i’m too scared to call just to see how you’ve been
something tells me that i was happier when you
told me what to do